former us president george bush biography - time 100 listed

Former US President George Bush Biography

George Bush's Date of Birth : 6 July 1946
George Bush's Birth Place : New Haven, Connecticut, USA
George Bush's Birth Name : George Walker Bush
George Bush's Nickname : Dubya, Junior, Shrub, W
George Bush's Height : 5' 11½"
George Bush's Sexual Orientation : Straight

George Bush's Residence : Dallas, Texas
George Bush's Political Party : Republican
George Bush's Nationality : United States
George Bush's Gender : Male
George Bush's Religion : United Methodist
George Bush's Ethnicity : White
George Bush's Executive summary : 43rd US President, Four Times listed in Time 100
George Bush's Military service : Texas Air National Guard
George Bush's Best Known As: President of the United States, 2001-2009

George Bush's Education Detail :
High School: Phillips Academy Andover (1964)
University: BA History, Yale University (1968)
University: MBA, Harvard Business School (1975)

George Bush's Family Detail :
George Bush's Father Name : George H. W. Bush
George Bush's Mother Name : Barbara Pierce
George Bush's Brothers and sisters :
George Bush's Brother Name : Jeb Bush
George Bush's Brother Name : Neil Bush
George Bush's Brother Name : Marvin Bush
George Bush's Sister Name : Dorothy Bush
George Bush's Wife and Childrens :
George Bush's Wife Name : Laura Welch Bush
George Bush's Children:
George Bush's Daughters - Jenna and Barbara.
George Bush's Girlfriend Name : April H. Foley - dated at Harvard

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